Change your words, change your world

Change your words, change your world…

Author/speaker/teacher Mike Dooley is well known for making popular the phrase “thoughts become things”, and words are simply extensions of our thoughts.

One of my earlier posts focused on the negative talk we too often use about and toward ourselves and asked the question, “If I had a friend who spoke to me the way I often speak to myself, how long would I keep them as a friend?” Our words — extensions of our thoughts — do create our reality and the world the way we see it, so it’s extremely important that we choose our words wisely. Just as our thoughts determine the words we speak, the words we speak can modify our thoughts.

Consider, for example, the differences between the following examples of words and phrases, taken from Tony Robbins’ book Awaken the Giant Within, and how they would change the way you would think about a particular situation:

Negative Emotion/Expression
I’m feeling . . .
angry – disenchanted
anxious – a little concerned
depressed – on the road to a turn-around
disgusted – surprised
dread – challenged
exhausted – a little droopy
failure – getting educated
furious – passionate
hurt – bothered
insulted – misinterpreted
jealous – over-loving
lonely – available
lonely – temporarily on my own
overwhelmed – moving and shaking
sad – sorting my thoughts
oh, shit – oh, poo
stressed – blessed
stupid – discovering
terrible – different

Transforms intoI’m feeling . . .


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